Outstanding HVAC Installation

Outstanding! Knueve & Sons, Inc. was just here to give us our twice-a-year preventive maintenance which they do through our service contract. They have exceptional service people. They are very polite and very helpful. They installed the equipment that we have right here in our house and are currently using maybe 22 years ago. It’s lasted that long. They’re very prompt. They do what they say they are going to do and they have good people working for them. I’m very satisfied with Knueve & Sons, Inc., and I highly recommend them!
Marty H.

Plumbing and Water Filtration System Maintenance

Knueve & Sons, Inc. has been maintaining my plumbing and the water filtration system for over 20 years now. I called them recently when I had a leak in the water system. The oxide system takes care of the sulfur in the water. They got it fixed right away. Knueve & Sons, Inc. is very easy to work with and very convenient. I usually know the guys that work for them. I would recommend Knueve & Sons, Inc.

Gerald K.

Sump Pump Installation

Friendly and professional! We have been using Knueve & Sons, Inc. for years and years and years. They were out here recently to install a sump pump for us, and the time before that to install a new furnace. Their employees are nice, friendly people, and they always provide us with professional service. Plus, they are a family owned company, and we live in a small town, so I think we should support our local small businesses! Particularly when they do such good work!

Gary K.

General HVAC Maintenance

Everything done properly.

Nick S.

Generator Installation

Very happy with the work that was performed. I had a new Generac generator installed by Knueve & Sons. Everyone that was out on the project was very courteous, knowledgeable and informative. They do professional grade work, and I am very pleased with my decision to have them take care of this job!

Ryan S.

Fast & Efficient HVAC Service

Very fast, efficient service. Having them come twice a year gives me peace of mind throughout the year as far as heat and cooling is concerned.

Lyman M.

Top Notch HVAC Service

We have always had top notch service from this company. We have used Kneuve & Sons for almost 50 years and have never been disappointed. Great people, great service.

Mike G.

Pleasing HVAC Service

Very pleased with the service. Knueve & Sons have a very good response when contacted for any service request. We are very happy with the service.

Mike C.

Furnace Installation in Bluffton, OH

I purchased a new furnace from Knueve & Sons, Inc. and they installed it as well. Everything was done on time and in good condition. The installation crew was personable, and I had no trouble at all with them. There was absolutely no clean up for me to do. They hauled off the old system and that was great, I did not want to deal with that at all! I want them to know that I appreciate the job that they did and I feel like they did a really good job of it!

Robert E.

Air Conditioner Repair

Knueve & Sons, Inc. did a really good job for me! This was not my first time using them. They came out to fix my air conditioner and everything turned out great! The technician, Eric, was very friendly and respectful of my home. They are about a mile away from my home so I just asked them to call when they were on their way. I work about two miles from home so I met him there. Eric did the diagnostic and assessed the problem then explained what was going on and answered the few questions that I had. Their pricing is always fair and their service is always good which is why I keep going back! I would say if you want great customer service and a quality job done then don’t hesitate to call Knueve & Sons, Inc.!

Andy M.
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