Saving Money with a Water Softener

Cleaning with soap and a sponge

There are many benefits to using a water softener in your home. But, did you know that installing
a water softener could also help you save money on your household bills? In addition to reducing your energy bills, you’ll spend less money on cleaning products and prolong the life of your appliances.

Let’s take a close look at ways you can save money with a water softener in your home.

The effects of hard water can cost you hundreds of dollars a year… or even more.

Hard water hinders the ability of soaps, shampoos, and detergents to get things clean. So, you’ll have to use more to get the job done.

A study found dishwashers require up to 70% less soap, and washing machines need up to 50% less detergent when cleaning with soft water.

The average American household spends over five-hundred dollars on cleaning supplies a year. Those savings will add up fast!

Mineral deposits from hard water also cause water-using appliances to break down sooner than expected.

And, buying appliances isn’t cheap.

But that’s not a problem when you’ve got a water softener! If you have any questions or would like to install a water softener, call Knueve & Sons at 419-532-3699 or request service online today.

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