How often should I change my furnace filter?

For disposable filters, you should check them every 4 to 6 weeks. Replace them at least every other month. Go ahead and buy a box so you have them on hand.

How often should my Air Conditioner need refrigerant added?

The manufacturer hopes it will never need refrigerant added. Too often this is not the case. If the unit is well built (like a Trane® or Lennox®) and INSTALLED PROPERLY, you may have several years of operation without adding an ounce of refrigerant.

Should I cover my AC unit in the winter?

We recommend NOT covering the outdoor unit. Due to Ohio weather changes, the cover tends to trap condensed moisture and actually causes premature corrosion on some components. Never cover a heat pump!

The Trane® XL and Lennox® product line already has a cover! The dome top helps keep leaves and “kids with sticks” out of the fan blade.

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