Bathroom Remodel

bath remodel

Have you been planning to remodel your bathroom, but the task just seems to daunting? Worried about the cost? Knueve & Sons will help you plan and implement a bathroom remodel from start to finish according to your time and budget. We focus on function, convenience, lighting, aesthetics, and storage to make sure your space works for your family.

View the gallery below to learn more about the beautiful products we can use in your dream bathroom, and then call us to get started!

Design Planning

Please call for a personal visit to help plan and design your new Bathroom Remodel. We can help you layout the bathroom, share various planning ideas and show you a wide selection of fixtures that will fit your needs. Once we have designed a plan we can give you a firm cost for the finishing of your new bathroom.

We have a wonderful computer program that helps our customers visualize their new updated bathroom and allows things to be moved and adjusted. View one of our customer’s computer printouts.

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