HVAC Unit Installation

We chose the right one! We intend to highly recommend Knueve & Sons to anyone who’ll listen. Excellent service, from project estimate to completed installation. We really liked the attention to installation detail. It didn’t go unnoticed.
David & Connie N.

Heating and Cooling Unit Install in Rawson, OH

Very pleasant! On time! Very professional!

I am a repeat customer of Knueve & Sons, Inc., having used them for multiple projects in the past. The last time I used them, it was to install a heating and cooling unit in a rental house. In the past, they have put in a water system for me, and also installed a furnace in my home.

What I can say about them is, that they always show up on time, and they always pick up behind themselves. On this last job, the place was so tidy when they finished, that we didn’t even have to sweep the floors when they were through. It was a totally turn key operation, and I never had to do anything at all. I really like it when projects go like that.

Their workers are always very polite, neat and clean, and courteous. I absolutely have never had any trust issues whatsoever about letting them work in any of my houses. On top of that, they do a very professional job, and I never gotten anything but great, high quality work – and great, high quality service from them. I have never had any issue with any of their work!

Price wise, I am pretty sure that they are competitive with other companies in the area, but even if they weren’t, I would still use Knueve & Sons, Inc. because of the high quality of their work!

Jerry W.

Very Professional Service

The Knueve & Sons personnel are very professional while performing their work. They were very helpful and understanding during the drilling of my new well and successfully hooking up the new well to my home. I’m very satisfied.

Ed S.

Quick HVAC Service

Very professional, quick service.

Excellent Service Performance

EXCELLENT! Service performance was right on target!

Rod W.

General Service

Great work! Nice job Chris!

Errol S.

Excellent HVAC Service

Excellent service. I use them for my home, my business and my rental properties and have always been happy.

Kari M.

Great HVAC Company

Overall a great company, been with them a long time.

Richard A.

Furnace Installation

Done a good job. Furnace didn’t go in as expected, but they got it put in and looks nice.

George C.

Great Service

Great service. Have recommended Knueve & Sons to family and friends, all satisfied.

Mike C.

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